So What Is This Event About?

Welcome to the major leagues of buying and selling businesses! Some of the richest people in the world do it, companies do it all of the time, and now it will be your turn. Most businesses don’t last 5 years; not because business is hard, but because they never got the proper coaching, the right people, right team or right infrastructure.

Since the market crash of 2008, and now our newest obstacle in 2020, there has been a record number of new businesses which also means a record number of failing businesses or businesses barely making it by. This company failure crunch has created a huge opportunity for you to find distressed businesses, motivated sellers and undervalued companies. I know it sounds harsh and intimidating, but it’s the truth and is actually easier than you think since the shell of the company is already there. All you need is to know how to grow and sell it or keep for passive residential wealth. During this event, I will be sharing 3 models with you:


Find, buy, and sell businesses for millions (part-time or full-time)


Find and out-buy your competition to grow your company and then sell it for 7-8 figures
(If you want!)


Grow your business to a $10 million valuation. This is the perfect number for private equity buyers. Anything less means you're too small for these companies to buy but too big for smaller players.

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  • 1. How to evaluate ANY business opportunity
  • 2. How to find distressed businesses (we will share our checklist)
  • 3. How to find motivated buyers and convince them to sell their company to you
  • 4. How to actually buy with little to no capital
  • 5. How to take your business to the next level and raise capital
  • 6. How to get branded to get noticed first
  • 7. How to develop credibility so investors and sellers want to do business with you
  • 8. How to do this process passively (someone running it for you) both part and full time
  • 9. How to find other people to source you these amazing deals
  • 10. The script you will be using when contacting the distressed owner
  • 11. The biggest mistakes to avoid when working in this business
  • 12. Our exact due diligence checklist to use before a deal is even processed
  • 13. How to negotiate and close the deal on your terms
  • 14. The best way to merge a new company with your existing company
  • 15. How to get a company out of bankruptcy
  • 16. Advanced business strategies to grow your new or existing business
  • 17. How to engineer the deal and use banks if you choose
  • 18. How to protect yourself from seller's remorse
  • 19. How to run your business without working “in” it
  • 20. How to do this while still running your business or still being at your job
  • 21. How to do this ANYWHERE in the world
  • 22. How to decide whether you should keep working in the business
  • 23. How to implement these strategies to buy real estate below market
  • 24. How to market yourself to find these amazing opportunities
  • 25. What it takes to succeed in this business

**** And so much more will be shared with you at this event ****

SUPER BONUS: Find out how much your existing business is worth or calculate the worth of ANY business. This is a tool that you will use forever.



Advanced Business Entrepreneurs

This is the holy grail of business strategies. Billionaires and 9-figure
entrepreneurs do it.

Inventors With a Business Idea

Turn your idea into a business or licensing deal.

Startup Businesses

This may be the quickest way to grow your business.

Business Newbies

This may be the way you start your entrepreneurial career.

Property Investors

This is a great way of making immediate money or doing this for a real estate play.

Internet Marketers

Take over companies and take over their database.

Passive Wealth Seekers

Learn how to do it as a simple passive investor.

Health & Fitness Enthusiasts

Take over the health fitness market through acquisitions.


Build your brand to the top and expand your verticals.

Coaches & Consultants

Let us show you how to acquire your competition.

Crypto Investors

The future is blockchain.

We apply to over 700 types of different businesses!



Why is this event FREE?

Good question. Mr. Foxx’s vision is to eventually own 500 companies, and he is hoping that eventually some of these attendees will become his partners and use his money, network and connections. Although this is not a guarantee, either way, you will be given the tools to do it yourself.

Will JT Foxx be on this?

Yes, he will be there for the entire day.

Does this actually work for anyone?

Absolutely! Even if you don’t have a business yet, this may be the getaway to get you started or eventually start your own business with the strategies we will show you.

I have no money, so should I attend? You did say this works with little to no capital.

In theory, you certainly can, however, this is not a “get rich quick” seminar, and I don’t want to mislead anyone.

Is this a beginner event or an advanced training event?

This is a pretty advanced event, but don’t let that intimidate you. You will be shown proven and cutting edge strategies that will blow you away. This is how the big boys make billions, but we are going to scale it down to 6-7 figures at a time.

Can women attend, or is this just a “boys club” thing?

This event is for EVERYONE! The majority of small businesses are owned by women, and I would argue that women actually have a competitive advantage over men in a lot of areas. All are welcome to attend.



JT Foxx himself will be teaching this event, not one of his speakers!

JT Foxx is a serial entrepreneur, real estate investor, philanthropist and the world’s #1 Wealth & Business Coach. With business interests in over 47 countries and six continents and clients in over 80 countries, JT Foxx is widely considered to be one of the #1 platform speakers in the world.

JT Foxx is a former media personality having had his own self-syndicated radio show called the JT Foxx Show in the United States and Canada. He has appeared on major news media networks like CNBC and BBC, in addition to the features in Forbes and various print magazines as well as multiple radio shows all over the world.

His driving force and his motto is "Powered by your success." JT has helped countless successful entrepreneurs and real estate investors take their lives and businesses to the next level largely through his trainings around the world. At his events, JT brings together some of the world's most influential business power players, celebrities, investors and startups. Icons such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dr. Phil, Al Pacino, Sylvester Stallone, Mark Wahlberg, Michael Douglas, Mel Gibson, Brooke Shields, Donna Karan, Jason Alexander, Jack Welch, Michael Eisner, Rudy Giuliani, Kathy Ireland, Michael Irvin, Gene Simmons, Vanilla Ice, 50 Cent, Jewel and Bret Michaels have been at his acclaimed events sharing their stories and experiences through memorable interviews and skits. Most importantly, JT’s passion is his work with various charities hospitals in South Africa, Singapore and his other charitable project which works with several children's charities. Through him and his foundation, fundraising efforts have achieved over $900K in contributions for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

JT Foxx has been described by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as the "Closest thing to Steve Jobs he has ever met".

Steve Mandell

Steve Mandell is the owner of Gameplan Entertainment. Gameplan developed games for the NFL, MLB, CNN, Caesars Palace, and others. The games had nationwide distribution in Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, Target, Sears and other retailers nationwide and had received national recognition. As an entertainment attorney, entrepreneur and sports and entertainment marketing expert, Steve has negotiated more than 1,000 international and national agreements in media, licensing and brand development, estimating deals in excess of over One Hundred Million dollars. As an expert in licensing and brand and product development, Steve speaks at various entrepreneur conferences and pitch and investor events that have also included major entertainment and sports celebrities. He also works with major brands in product development for retail distribution and direct consumer branded programs with major corporate endorsement and sponsorships.

Mark Anthony Bates

Probably the best-connected man you’ve never heard of; he travels the globe speaking with elite coaching clients, diplomatic organizations, and world leaders. You won’t find him on social media or on his own web site, he doesn’t promote himself yet his name carries tremendous weight in highly influential circles. As someone who coaches other coaches as well as professional speakers, Mark knows what it takes to make people feel at ease and how to create a connection.

Hugh Hilton

"Hugh Hilton is a Founding Partner of A&M CapRE. He is a member of the firm's Board and sits on its Investment Committee. "

Prior to joining A&M in 1992, Mr. Hilton enjoyed a 15+ year career in real estate working primarily in a principal capacity on behalf of public and private U.S.-based pension funds and international investors. During this period, Mr. Hilton served in a number of senior executive roles, including: CEO of Trinity Pacific Real Estate Services; President of Karsten Institutional Realty Advisors (a subsidiary of First Interstate Bancorp); and Senior Vice President of Acquisitions for BankAmerica Investment Real Estate. Mr. Hilton began his real estate career in Associate positions at Jones, Lang, Wooton (now JLL) and Coopers and Lybrand National Real Estate Group (now part of PWC).


50 Cent

Al Pacino

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Barney Waters

Bethenny Frankel

Bret Michaels

Brooke Shields

Bruce Buffer

Calvin Klein

Charlie Sheen

Chris Klein

Christie Brinkley

Dr. Phil

Fredrik Eklund

Gene Simmons

George Ross

Jason Alexander

Jay Abraham


John Travolta

Julia Roberts

Mel Gibson

Michael Douglas

Michael Irvin

Patrice Motsepe

Randi Zuckerberg

Richard Branson

Barbara Corcoran & Robert Herjavec

Jessica Simpson

Simon Cowell